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The Science of Telepathy:

And How Telepathy Works

We live in a world where the 5 senses are established facts: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But sensing and hearing things with the mind are a subject less talked about. Telepathy is real! The sixth sense exists! I have the science of it in this book. 

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the Science of the


The Science of the Afterlife: Have you ever wondered what the afterlife and consciousness is and wished they could be explained by science?

In his book The Science of the Afterlife, Barry Aubin develops a theory that explains everything!

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The Science of the Afterlife by Barry Aubin

My life as a Telepathic Icon

My Life As A Telepathic Icon: Who is this mysterious man who was born in Canada but believes that he is known the world over as the telepathic icon?

Does everyone from Bill Gates to former President Barack Obama really speak about him telepathically, across all media platforms? 

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Barry Aubin

Barry Aubin was born a deep thinker. All his life he loved to sit and think. One of the most important things to him is to be able to get to the root of things, to understand the most basic elements of a concept. Thinking about things for a long time usually leads a person to the most correct answer. In time, Barry Aubin has become an expert on the topic of the afterlife and consciousness.

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